Kennel Beyond the Ring

Beyond the Ring is a reference to where I live and to the fact that Border Collies can excel in the show ring and in many other disciplines in which they will form an inseparable team with their master.
My name is Susan, from my early childhood I have always had dogs in my life; but it was my vet who recommended the Border Collie to me. I began to read about them, spoke to people I met who had one, and so my interest in them increased tremendously.  
I called various breeders, one of which was Florence from Border-Follies. 
What I liked about her was that she wanted to meet me before I could reserve a puppy. I found this a very positive approach as I realised that she was a breeder who wanted to make sure her puppies went to good homes.
My first Border Collie, Indy, came from Border-Follie's. I can never thank Florence enough for this wonderful dog. She is the most intelligent dog I have ever owned, she has personality and is friendly and obedient.
So this is how this wonderful adventure began.
Two years later, Indy had her first litter of puppies and we kept one, Oddy (because of the odd shaped white marking on her head). Oddy is a beautiful dog, she is so full of life and extremely affectionate.  She loves to be around people and follows us everywhere.
Puppies are raised in our home where they are part of our daily life. They play with children and have a lovely time running and hiding in the garden – not to mention eating my favourite plants! When they are 8 or 9 weeks old they are ready to go to their new home. 

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